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About Us

About us

    Shenzhenrentapartment.Co.Ltd has been serving expats in Shenzhen for more than 9 years. We are a fully integrated service provider offering real estate advise and transactional and property management solutions to both individuals and institutions. We cover all property types including apartments, offices, shops, commercial office buildings, and warehouses in Shekou. Additionally, we cover commercial office buildings in Futian as well as property in areas including Huizhou, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Foshan, and Zhuhai.

    Our entrepreneurial approach is renowned for delivering innovative solutions derived from our extensive market knowledge. Shenzhenrentapartment.Co.Ltd provides over 10 years of experience, an unrivalled network of contacts, and a commitment to providing the best possible solutions that are tailored for our clients. We promise hands-on involvement and total engagement in all phases of every project that we accept.

    Our principals are a trusted resource for many developments, investments, and government and media organizations who require counsel in matters involving real estate. They also remain personally involved in every project to ensure both quality and integrity are never compromised in any aspects of any real estate operation.